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RIMS is an international school in Mumbai offering exceptional education to students from preprimary to Bachelor level. Despite the quality of their teaching methods and positive feedback from parents and students, they were having difficulties in increasing their number of students. In a very competitive environment such as international schools in a city like Mumbai, they were definitely not visible enough, and their website wasn't up to standards to give them the professional image they were after. We started by refreshing their logo for a more international design and then proceded to create their website. We restructured and rewrote the entire content in order to underline their unique selling proposition and designed the website to be the tool they needed to increase conversions. The result exceeded their expectations and has given a boost to their reputation.
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Logo Design for RIMS - Logo Logo Design for RIMS - Branding Web Design and Development for RIMS - Website Web Design and Development for RIMS - Website Web Design and Development for RIMS - Website

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"It has been a pleasure working with you. We have been receiving positive feedback for the site since the past few days!! Mostly comments are that it is very classy and international looking. Thank you!"

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