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Headline specializes in direct approch and headhunting for strategic managerial positions. The company was founded in 1989 and needed a logo that would keep their identity alive while giving a fresh new look to the company. We elaborated on their historical logo and its symbolism, worked on a dozen of propositions and finalized on a simple, elegant and bold version that we hope they can keep for the next 20 years.
The project was extensive as it included rebranding all their internal and external documents and was a great opportunity for all the stakeholders to participate and reflect on their corporate identity.

Logo Design for Headline - Pictogram Logo Design for Headline - Logo Logo Design for Headline - Branding


We created a website that would illustrate their very human approach as well as clearly positioning their service in the high-end segment of recruitment. We chose to offer a separate targeted experience for both of their users, candidates and companies, allowing for a fluid user experience. The website is fully responsive and dynamic, with a user-friendly Wordpress back-end and integrates their recruitment software Admen, uploading resumes directly to their complex database and publishing offers automatically.
Live website

Web Design and Development for Headline - Website Web Design and Development for Headline - Website

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An extensive rebranding project with great engagement from all stakeholders
A succesful management of the challenges for navigation, user experience and software integration

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