Know what you are paying for

Logo, branding and visual identity

Know what you are paying for:

Logo, branding and visual identity

While creating or managing your company you have certainly encountered all these terms, sometimes used indifferently, and might have wondered what they cover exactly. Although you know that having a logo or visual identity designed is an important step for your business, you might be confused as to what exactly the design agency can offer you and how it will impact your business.


Your logo is a mark or emblem that identifies your company. Simple as that! Of course, there are different components to a logo and different types of logos that we will describe in our next post 3 powerful components of a logo and how to use them.

Visual identity or branding

When used by a design agency, the term branding usually covers the same things as visual identity, quite simply all the visual elements that represent your brand’s identity. In its most basic form, branding will include business cards and letterhead, in its most complex it can include interior designing concepts for your office. Having a great logo designed but neglecting your branding is a common mistake that will sadly reduce the impact of your logo.
Using the same design agency to design your logo, basic branding, website and brochure is an excellent way to have a coherent visual identity that will send a clear message to your customers. Good logo designers will design the logo with branding in mind, with elements, details and textures that can be reused in a creative fashion. Check for example our work for Salt Escape, where we incorporated an intricate pattern in the logo that was then reused on the website as well as the spa itself for a very strong visual identity.


Your brand is the soul of your company, its perceived image and the emotions attached to it. It goes far beyond the visual aspects and includes your advertising, your communication, your social policy and even your products. Although it will be a mix of what you want to project and what your customers perceive, control over your brand starts with your visual identity. Do you want your brand to be playful and fun? Start with a logo projecting these emotions like Toys R Us.

Do you want your brand to be exclusive and luxurious? A branding like the one used by the Hilton's reward system might be more appropriate.

Relationship between logo, visual identity and brand

A drawing is worth a thousand words, so below is a small recap of these definitions.

Now that you are familiar with the concepts of logo, branding or visual identity and brand and how they interact with each other, it is time to give more attention to the logo specifically, your first step in establishing your visual identity and your brand, in our next post 3 powerful components of a logo and how to use them

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