Design tips to help you grow your business


Design tips to help you grow your business

Get a better understanding of what a logo, a branding and a visual identity are and how they will impact your brand and your business.

A powerful logo combines different elements. Understanding those and what they communicate to your customers can help you in getting a great logo designed.

Choosing your logo is a crucial decision that can have a big impact on your business. Follow our guide to get the best logo and make sure it fits the 5 key criterias.

Get objective criterias to decide if a logo is well-designed and assess agencies' portfolio and your own logo.

There are 2 key factors to making a logo memorable. Make sure your logo will have a strong and lasting impact.

Make sure that your logo will make the right impression on your target audience with these tips.

One criteria that is often overlooked while evaluating a logo is its functionality. Learn more about the importance of that aspect.

A good logo can only be great if it stands the test of time and supports your brand for years to come. How can you be sure it will?


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