5 keys to the best logo


5 keys to the best logo


Choosing your logo is a crucial decision that can have a big impact on your business. Unfortunately, it is a tough decision, especially if you can rely only on your personal impression. We are giving you a guide to evaluate the quality of your logo based on objective criterias and how to make sure it fits them all.

Quality number 1: Well-designed

A great logo is well-designed. It can seem obvious but sometimes it is not that easy to know how if it is the case. Figure out how to decide if your logo is well-designed as objectively as possible. This will also be your number one criteria in judging a design agency’s portfolio!

Quality number 2: Memorable

Be memorable. You obviously want people to remember your logo and there are two key elements that will make this possible.

Quality number 3: Pertinent

A great logo is appropriate and pertinent. A logo is one of the first tool you use to get across what your brand is about. It doesn’t need to match your taste as much as it does matching your audience’s.

Quality number 4: Functional

Once these qualities are established, make sure that your logo is functional, and can adapt to different sizes and types of support.

Quality number 5: Timeless

And finally, your logo is supposed to give continuity to your brand, so you want to be able to keep it for as long as possible without it looking outdated. Make sure your logo is timeless by following those steps.

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