5 keys to the best logo

Part 1: Well-designed

5 keys to the best logo

Part 1: Well-designed

The first step in checking the quality of a logo is to ensure that it is well-designed.
Although this might look like a very subjective quality, a high-quality design is very easy to recognize from a low-quality one given a little bit of exposure. Settling for a low-quality design is possibly the easiest and fastest way to damage your brand, making it look cheap and creating instant doubts about the quality of services and products you offer. It basically amounts to coming to a job interview looking unkempt and wearing dirty and ill-fitted clothes. You can still be a great candidate but you are going to have to work extraordinarily hard to convince your interviewer of that.

To make sure that your logo respects the rules of a professional design, look at as many famous brand logos as you can and then go back to your logo and try to assess if it looks as sharp, balanced and pleasing. If you feel that it looks clumsy, if shapes are unclear or spacing is chaotic, if there are irregularities that don’t seem to be intended, you are probably looking at a low-quality design.

Examples of low-quality design:

Examples of clean, well-designed logos:

It's actually quite easy to tell the difference, isn't it?

To avoid bad surprises, be sure to check your designer’s portfolio and credentials before starting the logo design process and be careful not to compromise on quality just to get a better price. You can find more info on logo prices in our post How much should a logo cost.

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